Sasquatch Day 1

Tycho spent two days at the annual music festival held at the Gorge Amphitheater in Washington state. We arrived on the first day and set up camp... as best as one can camp with a bus- but with the help of a few blankets and folding chairs we were all outside staring at clouds roll by in no time. Tour manager Forrest Reda’s friend Willis had come along and just so happened to be an incredible chef (seriously, go to one of his events if he's in your city). He catered all of the meals for the two days we were there and roamed around watching music with the group when he wasn't doing meal prep. FACT: brûlée-d grapefruit with coconut sugar is your new favorite breakfast food that you haven’t tried yet.

Day 1 was spent roaming around shooting photos, getting a lay of the land. Sasquatch truly is one the most picturesque settings for a festival. Walking along the service roads allows you appreciate the land formations without the crowds of people. And there is a lot of walking. And a lot of hills. And the weather changes minute by minute. The Gorge surrounds you everywhere you look, and if you aren’t marveling at the far away cliffs, that probably means you’ve run into the vineyards the festival butts up to.

As for music, we caught UMO as the sun went down, Ruban Nielson glowing brighter and brighter orange as he sang through Multi-Love. As the air temperature sank with the sun, groups of festival-goers sat on the lawn terraces to catch a very late/almost no show A$AP Rocky. His rushed performance had many dipping out to other stages early. Capping out the evening, we headed to the dance tent to watch hypnotist Todd Terje DJ the late night slot before stumbling through the dark around the winery roads back to our campsite. Maybe it was all the wine, but the lighting could’ve definitely been improved.